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The Groningen Twister

An Experiment in applied generative design



The "Groningen Twister" is an application of generative design methods to real life architecture: the new "Stadsbalkon" at the Groningen train station in the Netherlands, designed by Kees Christiaanse Architects and Planners (KCAP) in Rotterdam.

The architectural design required the placement of some 150 columns in the basement which bear the load of a pedestrian area on top. The slab has various holes, incisions and ramps. There are three different types of columns with differing bearing capacities, they are allowed to be tilted to a maximum angle of ten degrees and they can only be placed in areas where they do not obstruct the pathways.

A software, completely programmed in Java (and Java3D) allows the interactive placement of the columns. The columns grow and arrange themselves within the basement according to simple rules of thumb that were defined by the engineering partner, the office of ARUP in Amsterdam. Each column acts as an independent "agent", trying to find its best location while being pushed by other columns and drawn towards various attractors. The designer can interact with the system by picking and moving columns and by adjusting various parameters.


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